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Dex Plus
DEX has been a top selling brand at The Urban Rack for years because it pretty much nails everything our customer is looking for...quality fabrics, excellent fit, totally affordable and always on trend.

This spring we are so excited to announce they have expanded the line to include everybody with DEX PLUS. Flattering silhouettes, cool styles, and beautiful prints from 1X-3X (14-24). We have just received our first shipment (and it is gorgeous!) with more to come in February and March. DEX and DEX PLUS is available exclusively at The Urban Rack in South Delta.

Bishop & Young

Orb originally launched 25 years ago as primarily a skate and snow lifestyle brand but it has now evolved into a gorgeous fashion line with "casual roots and runway trends". There is just so much to love about this brand:
• 100% Canadian owned
• Designs are the perfect marriage of function and fashion. Easy to wear, easy to care for and super cute.
• Beautiful fabrics and quality workmanship but will not break the bank.
• A company that always strives to find environmentally friendly and ethical solutions.
And another fun fact: in case we didn't love the line already it also just happens to be designed by our Manager Jaclyn's sister. The very talented and very lovely Tracie Keene.

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This Month:
Ladies, it is our time to shine

Marches for women's rights, pussypower hats, tribes, squads, campaigns directed solely at women to Support and Encourage one another, an internet uprising over Gaga and Beyonce performances...

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